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Julie Kuppinger
Born in United States
31 years
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This memorial website was created to remember our colleague and friend Julie Marie Kuppinger who was born in United States Rochester, NY on May 11, 1976 and passed away on September 15, 2007. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

Thank you all for attending the services that were held on Saturday 22nd, in Rochester and in Barcelona, at the same moment.

Although Julie is no longer with us in body, her spirit and vivacious character will stay with us because we have all been touched from knowing her.



If anyone wants to write a letter to Jon and Bonnie, Julie's parents, or to Dani, Julie's beloved, please contact mari@egocollection.com for details.


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Dani & Julie (Jan2007) My favorite picture of my dear friends Julie & Helen (2005)